About Me

I’m a native born son of the city of Prichard and I spent my entire career of over 13 years protecting and serving the country in which I love. However, I have truly missed an opportunity to serve the community that has raised me and is partly responsible for many of my achievements. My mission as Mayor is to ensure that the City of Prichard receives the return on its investment that allowed me to become the dynamic entrepreneur thriving in an uncertain econonmy. We are truly a city of soldiers; strong and resilient people who if given the opportunity to show our worth…this world would be surprised.

As your Mayor, I pledge to give 100% to ensure that the progress this city deserves will begin. I am not promising an overnight fix, but in time through prayer, hard work and dedication from everyone, The Change Will Come! Please patiently work with us as we make critical decisions for the betterment of the City of Prichard.